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"Like clockwork, you performed the job within the time frame promised, and with the precision of an surgeon.  The finished product is flawless.  The uniformity of the technique and the glow of the hand-mixed colors are exquisite.  One's eye are treated to a constant flow of pattern devoid of transitions.  We are extremely pleased with the work of Beaux Arts Studios"

Michael Koroly of Katonah

"We love the work you did for us!  I never dreamed that I would be so fortunate to have a "real" artist like Elizabeth hand-paint my grape vines.  There have been so many wonderful comments on it.  (I'll never do stenciling-yuk!).  Also the powder room (my favorite glaze) is so warm and people are "taken-back" when they enter!  Linda does fantastic work . " 


"From the first interview I had with Tim, I liked him and his work very much.  He did beautiful murals in our kids bedroom together with his associate.  He is now going to proceed with the rest of our house, starting with the powder room, next will be the kitchen and family room, where we want a European touch.  He is extremely neat, which is important to me and you know you can trust him.  Yes, I recommend Beaux Arts Studios at the highest.  They are real artists. " 

"Everyone on the team was great, you came to our house and just got right to work, everyone was careful with our things, pleasant and professional.  We always enjoy having you here to work on our home."

Edward and Janice Benigno

"I just wanted to let you know the compliments are coming fast and furious for your most excellent wall treatments.  The apartment looks so inviting and cozy now that everything is back in place - we love it.  We can't thank you enough for all your help in taking the project from conception to completion with little to no angst.  I especially wanted you to know how much I appreciate your personal input.  Usually I have very set ideas when I decide to redecorate, but this time out I knew I needed an experience consultant and you were right there making suggestions and working with me until everything was perfect. Thank you, to, for the follow-up visit and your patience with all my little requests.  Your attention to customer service should serve as a prototype for the industry. "

Griffin Miller

"WOW!  Yet another masterpiece by Beaux Arts Studios.  I was remiss by not writing to thank you after we first worked together on my kitchen in Bronxville, which you transformed from a renovated kitchen to a real room and design statement.  The same transformation was achieved in our second endeavor together in my new apartment on 79th Street in Manhattan.  Your work is impeccable and your sense of color, composition and scale is that of a true artist.  As in the past, I will continue to recommend you to friends and designers whenever the opportunity arises.  You go above and beyond in trying to please your clients and not only achieve their expectations, but exceed them. "

Tom Sandleitner

"The mural on the wall as you enter our home was inadvertently damaged by a house painter.  We could not located the artist to repair the damage, so we very nearly decided to paint over it.  That would have resulted in the destruction of art work which was not only lovely, but also had special significance to our family.  When Mr. Eaton met with my husband he assured him that the work could be done at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion.  He explained the steps he would take and the results we could expect. The work was done in the expected time, the mural looks as lovely as it did when the work was completed over ten years ago.  Mr. Eaton worked expeditiously, but with care and concern for the art and for the convenience of our family.  I hasten to add that my initial contact with Mrs. Eaton was kind and reassuring even though I was upset over what I thought would be an irreplaceable loss.  In a word, my experience with Beaux Art Studios was enormously gratifying and I would recommend them to my friends and neighbors.  My husband joins me in the above assessment." 

Mrs. Howard A. White.

"We are most appreciative of the excellent refurbishing are work that was executed by you and your associates on our living room ceiling and Francis I fireplace.  Your personal woodgraining of the ceiling plaster beams and your suggestion to apply umber glaze to the fireplace were superb.  Our guests have mentioned that the fireplace appears to be marble instead of unglazed biscuit color terracotta, which was previously painted white.  Tim, your associates, including your lovely wife, Elizabeth, did a truly professional job of painting over the multicolored medallions and salamander designs on the plaster woodgrained beams.  You completed the project on time, neatly and was most patient to work with to the end.  You remained with your workers on the job throughout.  We are grateful to you for such an excellent job and highly recommend you for similar or new artistic projects. " 

Jim and Joyce Harte

"You and your team simply did an outstanding job from "Day 1".  Your follow-up skills without a doubt have separated Beaux Arts Studios from any and all other contractors!  I contacted and met with many other contractors to receive estimates on my project, but there was no comparison to your company.  The following bullet points are a few of the items that differentiated your company from others, and that I found to be impressive. 
  • Follow-up...follow-up...follow-up!  You returned every call the same day!  
  • Positive attitude!  No matter what I wanted done, your response was, "ok, we can do that".  You never explained how touch or dangerous the project was, you simply said "ok".
  • Competitive Price.  The estimate that I received ranged from the ground to the sky!  Your price was in the middle and competitive.
  • Your company took "ownership" of the project!  I know that I asked for a few tasks that were a little out of your expertise, but you accepted the additional responsibilities and did an outstanding job.
  • Your company completed the project as scheduled and within your original price estimate. 
Bottom line, your FOLLOW-UP skill sold me on your company, and your team did a job that you should all be proud of. "

Ben Freda

"Thank you for making my walls look fabulous!  I am so pleased with the work you both did.  If you need a referral in the future do not hesitate to use my name.  I would love to show it off!"

Sue Rooney







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